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In Memory of Madelyn…

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In her memory, Madelyn’s parents wrote a beautiful, sobering obituary for their beloved daughter. The families of those with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) are everywhere and they suffer mightily. That “junkie” you deride is someone’s child. Madelyn’s parents noted this in the closing stating:

If you are reading this with judgment, educate yourself about this disease, because that is what it is. It is not a choice or a weakness. And chances are very good that someone you know is struggling with it, and that person needs and deserves your empathy and support.

They also noted that if you are struggling with a Substance Use Disorder, you can always start over! You can close that chapter, turn the page, flip the script! They also note that they are praying and rooting for you!

If you yourself are struggling from addiction, know that every breath is a fresh start. Know that hundreds of thousands of families who have lost someone to this disease are praying and rooting for you. Know that we believe with all our hearts that you can and will make it. It is never too late.

If you need help, it is available! Addiction is a disease and it is treatable! Check out for a wealth of resources and a local person in recovery who can help you navigate the treatment process.  We have a comprehensive resource page here.

Read Madelyn’s obituary here. Our condolences to Madelyn’s parents and loved ones, and a thank you for their courage and kind words of encouragement to those still suffering. In loving memory of Madelyn and all of those who have lost the struggle with Substance Use Disorders.

Madelyn Linsenmeir | 1988-2018

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