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The hardest word to say is sometimes “help”. But it is okay to ask for help, help is available, and with support anyone can overcome a substance use disorder.

Find Treatment

Use the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations treatment finder to locate the nearest Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder treatment providers near you!

Recovery Resources

Check out the different tabs along the bottom of the sheet. You will find local, state and national recovery organizations, local treatment options, local therapy options, local support groups, and local services. You will also find a listing of popular recovery slogans, quotes, mnemonics, character assets and defects, and recovery oriented media.

Below is a Google Sheet that is becoming increasingly comprehensive database for local recovery resources.

Local Support Groups

Local Support Services
Local Narcotics Anonymous Meetings
Local Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Recovery Resource Packet

Check out our Recovery Resource Packet with all sorts of information and treatment options for those with Substance Use Disorders and their loved ones here.

More Information

Please check out for any local recovery resources you may need.